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Uniting Communities with Compassionate Innovation

Fostering Equity with Empathy, Innovation, and Inclusive Collaboration

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming healthcare engagement by overcoming barriers with our strategic alliances, culturally-informed outreach, and ethical use of AI. We aim to make healthcare a more inclusive and trusted partner for all communities.

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where the insights and values of diverse communities reshape the healthcare landscape, ensuring everyone has a voice in creating equitable and meaningful engagement.

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Blending Healthcare, Tech, Community Wisdom, and Vision for Tomorrow

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Gerard Charlot, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years at the intersection of healthcare and business, Gerard skillfully navigates the complexities of both public and private systems. His expertise in decision sciences and project management underpins a strategic approach to developing accessible, community-centered healthcare solutions, driving innovation with a keen eye on real-world impact.

Image of CEO
Trevor Alexander, MBA 
Chief Operations Officer

Equipped with a solid background in business administration, project management, and cybersecurity, Trevor brings over a decade of experience in healthcare operations. His adept management and security expertise ensure that our operations not only meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability but also prioritize the safety and trust of the communities we serve.

Image of CSO/CTO
Solomon Abiola, Phd
Chief Science & Technology Officer

With an extensive background in computer science and translational biomedical sciences, Solomon spearheads our technological innovation. His unique blend of expertise allows for the development of AI-driven solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply aligned with the practical needs of healthcare communities, ensuring our solutions are both impactful and grounded in real-world applications.

Driving Change with Empathy and Innovation

At the heart of Idhini, empathy and innovation fuel our commitment to making a difference. Our values shape our journey towards developing inclusive solutions for healthcare engagement and beyond.


We forge meaningful partnerships between healthcare professionals and communities, focusing on mutual respect and shared goals.


Elevating community voices, we work hand-in-hand to design solutions that resonate with and empower individuals.


We're committed to breaking down barriers, making health information and opportunities universally accessible and understandable.


Our mission is to challenge and remove the systemic obstacles that hinder equal access to healthcare and participation.


Integrity and openness are at the forefront of all we do, ensuring trust and honesty in our interactions.


We continuously innovate, leveraging technology to meet the evolving needs of communities and enhance healthcare experiences.


Connect with us to explore how we can support your goals in creating more inclusive and engaged communities. Let's make a difference together.

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